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Lindsay Landsberg

Finance Manager

Duke University '25

Studying Economics and Psychology

Allergies: Celiac disease

Hometown: Jericho, NY

Lindsay’s academic interests lie in the intersectionality between finance and psychology, with a focus on market behavior research and the risk-reward pathways. On Campus she’s the Treasurer for Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, & Sciences (FEMMES) Connect, an organization that pairs Duke student mentors with middle-to-high-school aged female students in the Durham community interested in learning STEM-related subjects.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2013 when I was just nine years old alongside my older brother. Instead of feasting on pasta, pizza, french fries, and chicken fingers galore, I was forced to watch my friends indulge in all the foods I once loved. Before there was a myriad of gluten-free choices at restaurants and supermarkets, I had no idea how to navigate my new-found restrictions. Not being able to eat any sort of wheat-filled product as a young girl, I began losing weight rapidly and was forced into a strict protein shake regimen which I hated. Having seemingly no control over what I was eating, I began my work with the Celiac Disease Foundation. 

Growing up in the CDF community, I quickly gained an important perspective and realized just how many people are affected by gluten restrictions. Ten years later, I’m still a work in progress; I still find myself struggling in public spaces to map out food options that are not cross-contaminated. Knowing my past obstacles, I feel connected to SSF’s mission of advocacy, education, and accessibility, as well as female empowerment.

Lindsay Landsberg
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