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Sami Sanders

Compliance & Development Associate

High School Senior

Allergies: milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, sweet potatoes

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Sami is hoping to study nutrition with the goal of becoming a physician assistant specializing in immunology. She loves to bake, travel, and speak German!

Although I’ve been allergic to these foods my whole life, I only started advocating at the beginning of my junior year when I realized my allergies were a source of strength instead of a burden. I often felt left out of social events like birthday parties, eating out at restaurants, and Halloween — fortunately, I have always been able to purchase and bring my own food to alleviate some of this alienation. But this is not an option for all individuals. I find so much joy working for Securing Safe Food because I am able to reduce that same alienation in others who may be struggling to find not only social inclusion, but standard allergen-friendly necessities.

Sami Sanders
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