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Long-term partnerships with 18+ allergen-friendly manufacturers are the cornerstone of our food pantry program.


Securing Safe Food has worked with over 100 allergen-friendly and gluten-free food manufacturers to enhance access to safe food. Our recurring donation model provides healthy, allergen-free options for individuals facing food allergies and food insecurity. We rely on our partnerships with allergen-friendly brands to supply food pantries with regular shipments of safe food. Even one or two donated boxes of product can make a difference for visitors with dietary needs.

There’s collective benefit in every partnership: Brands participating in our Partner Program receive increased networking, social media and web features, and interview opportunities while seeing tangible impact and decreasing food waste.


SSF partners with brands who are either certified gluten free or whose facility is free from at least one of the top 9 allergens (as recognized by the FDA). We vet manufacturers to ensure that our donations can be considered allergen-friendly and useful for the diverse communities we serve, but we do not limit ourselves to any one allergen profile. Soy-based milk or almond flour are allergenic for some individuals but life-changing food staples for others. 

Brands who donate on a cyclic basis are eligible for our Partner Program. 


Thanks to their incredible generosity, Nurture Life sends refrigerated kids meals clearly labeled with allergens to our affiliated pantries. This August alone, their quarterly support brought enough meals to feed 126 kids with dietary conditions.


Together we can build a safer and more secure food supply.

Our partners are often focused on ingredient transparency, clear labeling, sustainable and climate-friendly practices, female empowerment and social impact.

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SSF is grateful for the in-kind food donations sustaining our model. Thank you to our generous partners who are reducing food waste and combatting hunger:


1. Making a Plan

You choose one of our flexible giving cycles and tell us what foods you are donating first.

2. Assigning a Pantry

We match you with a food pantry based on food quantity and type. Our waitlist is constantly evolving, so you’ll support a new location every time. To make the most of your shipment, we align food with pantry demographics and requests.

3. Dispatching Food

You print out our shipment form, which should list key allergen information for your donated food. You ship assembled boxes to a provided address and send us tracking information. We send updates as they become available. 

33 million Americans have a food allergy.

34 million Americans face food insecurity.

In NYC alone, one of 20 cities in which we operate, 1.2 million people are food-insecure. These numbers are too high. We're on a mission to bring allergen-free food to food pantries everywhere.



Let's reverse food insecurity.

Unable to send food? 


Other ways to partner include direct giving sponsorship or social media support—our inboxes are open. Your support opens doors to feed more people in need.


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